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This is the Essential Cruise Tips Podcast with cruise expert and author Gary Bembridge. Full of tips, advice and ways to plan and get the most from your cruising vacation.

Jan 30, 2015

Gary Bembridge author of "The Cruise Traveler's Handbook" provides another 60-Second Cruise Tip. For more visit and subscribe free to the podcast on iTunesStitcher Radio and TuneIn Radio


Getting Best Fare: Timing

I have many tips for getting the best fare. Here is some more of them:

Avoid maiden seasons of new ships

New ships joining a cruise line fleet receive significant media coverage and are highly sought after, with guests wanting to experience the latest offering and fares are at a premium. During maiden seasons you should find lower and discounted fares on their older ships.

Consider less popular or very competitive routes

There are some cruises that the lines find harder to sell and you may find attractive fares on these like:

  • Repositioning cruises. At the start and end of the Mediterranean summer season most lines move the ships to areas like the Caribbean and South America. As there is at least seven sea days they have limited appeal. You can get a week cruising either the Mediterranean or Caribbean and an Atlantic crossing at low fares.
  • Start and end of the season, especially out of school holidays. While you risk having mixed weather, prices will be lowest during these periods.
  • Crossings at start and end of world cruises. These are better suited to people who can cope with rough seas as they usually travel the North Atlantic in the winter months.
  • Competitive routes like the Caribbean out of Florida ports and Mediterranean out of Barcelona and Civitavecchia (Rome) will often have good deals as there is lots of capacity and competition.

Listen for more tips on finding good cruise fares in other episodes.

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