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This is the Essential Cruise Tips Podcast with cruise expert and author Gary Bembridge. Full of tips, advice and ways to plan and get the most from your cruising vacation.

Feb 5, 2015

Gary Bembridge author of "The Cruise Traveler's Handbook" provides another 60-Second Cruise Tip. For more visit and subscribe free to the podcast on iTunesStitcher Radio and TuneIn Radio

Theme cruises

A theme cruise focuses on a specific topic or event and the itinerary, entertainment and on-board activities are centred around it. You are likely to find a themed cruise for almost any topic you are interested in. usually has at least 500 different options listed at any one time. 

The three main categories are:

  • Private: Clubs, associations and organisations make a block booking on an existing cruise and sell it to their fans, followers or members via a dedicated travel agent. The organisers provide special meet-ups, activities, excursions and entertainment which are closed to other guests on the cruise.
  • Charter: Promoters charter the entire ship from the cruise line and everyone on board is there take part. These tend to be cruises targeted at specific lifestyles, like gay and lesbian travellers, business conferences, gaming tournaments and music or religious ones.
  • Cruise Line: They dedicate some cruises around themes to attract passengers, especially at slower times of the year and on longer or harder to sell cruises. These often focus on culinary topics, sports like golf, television show tie-ins, anniversaries of major historic events or around a major guest star or speaker.

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